The City of San Buenaventura

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I decided to look on the West Coat
At California a State of the U S of A
To create an image of life there
Back to the times of yesterday
Ventura was the place that attracted me
The City of Buenaventura as it was known
Shisholop in Chumach the native town
From which the City had grown
Fray Juan Crespi a Franciscan missionary arrived
With a Spanish expedition in 1769
Was amazed to find a well laid out town
The best example he’d seen at that time
Mission San Buenaventura was built in 1782
In the name of a 13th century Franciscan Saint
Destroyed by fire in 1801 and rebuilt in brick and stone
In 1812 it suffered an earthquake with some restraint
After the Civil War settlers came to the area
Along with business magnates from the East
Thomas Bard was regarded as the Father of Ventura County
Well known for his hard work and toil
His reward for his efforts when noticed
Was to become President of Union Oil
The soil in between the 2 rivers was so fertile
Citrus Fruit grew at an alarming rate
The farmers formed Sunkist Growers Incorporated
The world’s largest producers from this Californian State
Travel from the South was very slow
With traffic a mere single line
Until a road was built over the Conejo Grade
The Ventura Freeway completed in 1959
From the North the approach was precarious
On a coast road dictated by tide and the sand
Or travel the mountains by Capita Pass
Until the Maricopa Highway was finished as planned
A town with a population of only 4,000 people
In 1920 or thereabouts
Yet today there are more than 107,000
Of this area’s popularity there can be no doubts
People visit to see the Mission of San Buenaventura
Or go riding the surf by the shore
Maybe visit the town for the galleries and museums
See the Ortega Adobe or shop at a local store
In the evening there are Wine Bars and Restaurants
Or The Majestic Theatre maybe your choice
Where Legends like Ray Charles, Chilli Peppers or Johnny Cash
Were known to exercise their particular voice
“Two Trees” set alone at the top of the hill
Like sentries overlooking the town
In Plaza Park one of the Nations largest
Moreton Bay Fig Trees
Looked upon by the locals with some renown
The Fishing Boats work from the Harbour
Supplying Restaurants and shops on the shore
Pierpoint Bay is a residential area
Between the Harbour and the State Beach
Which is managed by local authorities
Cleanliness and safety now within reach
The Olivas Adobe a “Rancho” style home
Operates as a Museum and performing Arts venue today
And is situated next to the Olivas Park Golf Course
Where residents and visitors will play
T V’s Perry Mason worked from Downtown Ventura
The Ventura Film Festival is an Annual affair
Where George Chakiris received a lifetime Academy award
Many films were also partly filmed there
Clothing manufacturer is located downtown
Stewart+Brown have a factory near the shore
Petunia Pickle Bottom is also in Ventura
And with that said on the subject I’ll close the door..


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