The Credit Crunch

by | Feb 9, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

The economy is failing; unemployment is a rising trend
Companies are going to the wall, where is it going to end?
Our government informs us, that we are in recession
Oh what a revelation; homes are threatened with re-possession

Some are losing their houses, and all the property they have
All they’ve ever worked for, or inherited, from Mom and Dad
Struggling to feed their families, and to pay the mounting bills
Unable to keep their houses warm, and keep out the winter chills

Though I myself am fortunate, for in work I am still employed
But as I see the news each day, I become increasingly annoyed
Whatever’s happening to our country? Ask I, a working man
It would appear to me, that our industry, is going down the pan.

It’s too much strain and pressure, for one poor man to stand
So he goes before his creditors, and stands there cap in hand
Could he please, have a bit more time, before he has to pay?
He pleads to them, for a little help, for he has no cash today

He is one like many more, seeking work in desperation
But at this time, jobs are few, right here in this Great Nation
I hope and pray that things will change, before it is too late
Then once again the world will know, that Britain’s Really Great


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