The Cup and Saucer Tree (Prologue)

by | Sep 19, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

Insects humming to green speckled leaves.
Rays of bright sunshine dancing with flitting shadows,
All tuned to the touch of the summer breeze.
That’s how it was and has always been,
and will remain .Secured in my mind.

As a young boy I gazed up at your beauty,
Admiring the curve of your saucer shape,
I stretched, jumping to view your cup,
Longing to climb you to taste your splendour,
Knowing that now we were bonded together.

When at last I climbed into your world,
I knew I was safe, nothing could harm me:
Your embrace, my own secret sanctuary.
Always when pain or danger threatened,
My mind would race to be safe in your cup.

Broken bones, Hospital spells, School Masters canes,
All failed to inflict any pain.
Hardship and danger, from Dunkirk to the Rhine,
All were as nothing and easy to bear:
You came to my aid, you never failed me.

When as a boy, I lay down in your cup,
to dream and plan my life-adventure,
I knew that you would always be there
to shelter and guide me wherever we went.
My Haven – My Harbour – In the tempest of life.


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