The dark and the light

by | Mar 12, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The Angel saw her foe
A Dark soul from hell below
They watched together
As the men did strike their blows
They wait to fight over these new souls

The bodies lie still as the life breath has stopped
Another human life has just been topped
But the fight has not yet stopped

The Dark & the Light
They now take to flight
For it is they who must now fight

They swirl around
Above all the bodies as they lie on the ground
For they make no sound
As they cover the death filled ground

The Angel she cries here tears
For she is the one who hears
Mothers tears for their loving dears

The Dark soul just smiles
There are dead here for miles and miles
The ground starts to shake
As the Dark soul starts to take

The Angel has seen
For she knows what Hell means
No souls will be gotten
For the Dark Soul is rotten

She emits her light
The dead men do not take fright
You are to walk into the light
For you now there in no more fight

As quick as its cast
She has taken the last
And the Angel she disappears
The Dark soul will not get
But he will not forget
There are always more men to get


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