The Doll Who Cried

by | Apr 11, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

A doll sits in the corner where it has been for so very long
Wondering why this is so and what has it done wrong
She still is in the condition she was when she was first made
But both she and her owner, it has been so long since they last played

Remembering the master who made her, he created her with love
The man who came and bought her, looking at her from up above
The day she was given to the child she now calls her friend
But where did this go so wrong for the friendship to quickly end

“Something to keep you company” the man had said to his child
She had held the doll so close to her and thanked the man and smiled
For days they played every morn, the child would hold her to her breast
All day they played together, never stopping for a rest

Then came the day the doll could sense there was something wrong
The child was wild and screaming that her daddy could not be gone
Thrown into the corner the doll lay, flat and alone
No more she felt as from before, no more love was shown

Each night the doll lay helpless as the child cried herself to sleep
The doll had no feelings but she knew this pain was deep
The child who once had been so gay and playful all the day
Now knew nothing but terrible pain and threw her out the way

In time the house grew quiet and a peace of sorts took hold
But the child stayed still sombre and the passion now was cold
Then one day the child picked her up, perhaps things were not impaired
But no, she thrust the doll in the bag, no thought to the love they shared

In days to come the doll found a new child who held her close to her breast
A child who loved her, called her friend, and each night took her to bed to rest
But always the thought of a heartbroken child who lay crying in the night
The doll would always treasure the first; she had loved as she was held tight



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