The dream

by | Jan 25, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

My whole body aches with sensual longing
My thoughts were electified with passionate intent
Seeing you lying there
Your so inviting
Seductively poised as we lie on a golden sandy hot beach
In my dream – I embrace you in a thousand kisses
Caress you, until your entire body
Vibrates with passion…

I shower your entire being with golden mist
Succulent moist lips on mine
Your toned sexy torso pressed against my erect n******
Slowly we make love as a Military aircraft flies by…

We sip on sweet erotic tropical juices
Talk of life
And silly things
As we laugh out loud
Having fun
An enchanting night of silver twinkly stars
Later you take me again and again
Limbs wrapped around each other in an heavenly embrace…

You are my ecstasy
My chosen
My lover
My special friend
My world
My life
Whilst fishing I found you
You’re my dream come true…

I Love You…


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