The eleventh hour has come and gone

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The eleventh hour has come and gone
An end to war for all it was said
Mankind has learnt a valuable lesson we are told
From that day forth men can grow old

The war to end all wars has ended
Rebuilding begins, lives, cultures and towns lost
Dust settles, graves are dug,
Grass and poppies grow from the mud

Various munitions need to be found
To make areas safe again
So children can know laughter and joy
Know what it is like to be a girl or boy

Countries are awash with the flotsam of war
Men maimed, blinded or mentally scarred
All found it hard to adjust to normal life
A house, job, children and wife

In villages, towns and cities throughout
Monuments grow from the blood soaked earth
So each new generation will understand
That things should never again get out of hand

The men of that war were changed for ever
Alive or dead, of them it can be said
That so many of a generation were lost
Was the outcome really worth the cost

Many years have now passed from that day
Was there a peace for all to know?
History has shown this not to be true
There is no peace for me or for you

Mankind will always harbour conflict
It is in our nature to find fault all around
To enforce the things we hold dear
Driven by doubt, greed or fear.

With this revelation laid out for all to see
What can we do to lessen the destruction?
Honour and learn from those that have gone before
Do what we can to stop blood washing upon the shore


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