The Emigrant

by | Nov 26, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The boy stood at the door of the ‘plane
His parents waved farewell
How long had he gone from their lives
Nobody could even tell
Say “Au Revoir” and not Goodbye
For parting is such sweet sorrow
Today he’s gone but bound to return
In years to come or tomorrow
He’ll come back again
With a smile on his face
Then throw out his arms
In a fond embrace
To a friend or relation he’s anxious to meet
There’s always someone keen to greet
The boy back home who should never have left
To travel across the Globe
To foreign parts and places unknown
Away from the U.K. he’s all alone
The World’s his oyster to probe
He’ll try his hand at any task
He’s ever so keen to succeed
True happiness is all he’ll ask
In a world of financial greed
He tried the world of the outback
The felling of trees and lumber
Then back to the City he’s changed his vocation
And taken some work as a Plumber
Rough work does not really suit
Such a man as himself
So he changed to being a Salesman
Selling off goods from the shelf
With the Ladies he seems to find
That he has quite a flair
They must like his well spoken accent or manner
Or the way that he shows them he’ll care
But back now to working
Is not very kind
He’d sooner be “shirking”
With girls on his mind
At one time he tried driving buses
Worked in an Office as a Clerk
He shifted from Town to City
But never quite made his mark
Everything that he ever tried
He’d really given his “all”
But it never seemed to amount
To a fortune in his wallet
Or a staggering Bank Account
To Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane
He tried them all in turn
He worked and lived and enjoyed himself
Though never had money to burn
The streets were not paved with gold
As he’d often been led to believe
For only the money for which he worked hard
Was all that he’d receive
Over the years he saved a few pounds
For when fed up with wanting to roam
He’d pack his bags and board a ‘plane
Back to H.O.M.E. home.


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