The Emperor

by | Mar 26, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

It was the height of Empire
This Country called, for men to fight a war.
The War was fought,
Many miles from Home, against an enemy they hardly saw.

The Afghan Wars,
Were bloody and brutal, lasted for many long years.
With countless men dead
Leaving families at home, crying and shedding their tears.

Along came Sleigh Roberts,
Our General Fred, who took on the Afghans and won.
But today in Helmand,
We’ve no General Fred, just the lady from Huddersfield’s son.

As said once before,
Was an Empire War, but where is our Empire now?
Crumbled into the sand
And our green pleasant land, the last bastion of Empire to show.

So get the men out,
At the double and shout, “This war is not one for us”.
The Empire being built,
Is not of our own, it’s one that belongs to



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