The end of a soldier’s life

by | Jun 24, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

In a far away country a soldier died today, for him there will be no tomorrow
For his friends and family there will be much pain and sorrow

Here at home a soldier died today, for him there will be no
He had no friends or family, so for him there will be no sorrow

He had P.T.S.D. and had fallen through the crack
All his belongings he kept in a sack

He had lost all his self pride
And this he could not hide

He lived on the street
Because his illness, had handed him defeat

He had served his country and was very proud
Untill the voices became to loud

He did not understand the problems he had
Or why he was always sad

He would awaken often in the night
Because his dreams about the war still gave him such fright

He only knew he wished he was dead
As life he did dread

He knew he did not enjoy his life
So much he took his own life

The saddiest of all things is we as a country , had let him down
About this not even one of us has on a frown

How many more this fate must share?
Before we start to care?


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