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A fairy on a Christmas tree, once turned to me and said
‘I bet you’re glad that you’re not me, when safe tucked up in bed’
I said she was so beautiful, upon her bough up high
And so admired for once a year, by people passing by
The fairy shrugged, shook her head and looked down at the floor
‘My wand is broke, my wings don’t work and my arms are stiff and sore
I’m all alone, up at the top, and no one seems to care’

I watched a tear roll down her cheek, it was so sad to see
‘Don’t cry so, dear’, I said to her, ‘you always will have me’
‘I’ll mend your wand, your wings, your arms and make you a new gown
I’ll brush your hair and wipe your face, oh no, you mustn’t frown
You have a friend who’ll talk to you, and every year we’ll meet
When the tree is up and lights are on, I’ll be here at your feet’


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