The Fairy On The Christmas Tree

by | Dec 11, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

Oh woe is me said the fairy
Inside her gilded box
It’s Christmas eve and everyone’s been
To buy things from the shops
I’m all alone on the dusty shelf
Again this time of year
And who can blame them
Who would want
A fairy with no cheer

The shop went dark
And all about the lights did flicker and die
And all that was left were toys unsold
For yet another year
She gave a cry and wondered why
Once more they were unwanted
Then a light appeared and a voice she heard
Coming from just above her

“Dear little one you won’t miss the fun
Of Christmas time. Huh no way!
I’ve been sent by God to collect you all
And make a poor child’s day
For this time of year they have no cheer,
But you’ll solve it this year its clear”

The angel collected all the toys
And the little fairy too
Up into the air they all did fly
And came to a place that was blue
But on Christmas morn to gasps and yawns
The packages were opened
And the children sang and ran around
And played in the darkest places
And the fairy sat on the top of her tree
And sang a little song
About magic days and angels ways
And Christmas wishes come true.


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