The Falkands War

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When we left the shores of England
Bound for some distant land
Few of us knew of the Falklands Isles
Far less the job in hand
But once again we were called to fight
And an Island of oppressors rout
Yet another outrageous invasion
By Argentinia , territorial laws to flout
But they had not realised the anger they caused
As the Falkland Islands they tried to steal
For it activated a British resolve
And soon retribution the Argentinians would feel
With the target so far from the British mainland
14 days sailing maybe
So serious was this threat they posed
That a huge Armada set to sea
But the Submarine branch of the Royal navy was first
To arrive upon the scene
Alerted to the Islands by and S O S signal
From men of the British Royal Marine
Who had discovered the plight of the Islanders
And Argentinian prisoners they soon became
Who waited the arrival of the British Task Force
To put these invaders to shame
HMS Conquerer had the General Belgrano in her sights
When the orders came to Destroy
Which took but 3 of her Torpedoes, carefully aimed
And then to other duties deploy
But the Royal Navy suffered attacks from the air
And the Sheffield among those to be hit
Along with the RFA Sir Galahad, a tragedy
Like a gigantic bonfire was lit
Then the injured and wounded were air-lifted off
For them it was the end of their fight
But only the start of the battle, for their colleagues
As they marched off into the night
The SAS were swiftly deployed
The Airstrip at Pebble Island was their aim
To disable it’s use for the Argentinian Air Force
And allow the RAF to land just the same
In order to bring in much needed supplies
That were needed in order to sustain
A concerted Military effort
So that the Islands they may regain
Helicopters too could use that facility
To land supplies and evacuate injured too
Back to the Hospital ships awaiting offshore
They all had a task to do
Goose Green , Tumbledown & Mt William
All names that come readily to mind
To all of the British Army soldiers
Who yomped across the Falklands , the “Argies” to find
But once again as is always the case
Any conflict has a terrible cost
Young men who are permanently injured for life
And the hundreds of young lives that are lost
This particular theatre of war continued
In horrendous conditions which were extreme
And the lads did the job as they only know how
Work together each one part of the big team
The RAF, The Royal Navy and the Army
United , as one, in this strategic fight
To rid the Islands of oppressors
And put an end to the Islanders plight
So once again the Union Jack could fly high on the Flagpole
As a signal of freedom once more
But sadly many soldiers never saw their achievement
For they were the victims of the Falklands War .


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