The fallen

by | Nov 29, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I watched a program, the other day,
Regarding loved ones that had gone away,
Talked of pride as they marched along
Then they chose a funeral song.

Mothers, fathers, sisters as well,
Sat and cried at the stories they tell,
Men and women, lost to war.
Parents still wonder just whatʼs it all for.

The feeling of loss, they cannot hide,
Etched on their faces, since their loved ones died.
Repatriated in the finest wood,
Turn back time?, if they only could.

I looked at my clock, ten past four,
Not the friendly evening, but the morning, raw,
Cold, alone but with my family near,
The guilt, the ache, sickness and fear.

Every face shows smiling, fallen hero.
One yesterday, or an age ago.
The result is the same, never to return,
Family feeling that terrible burn..

So every day, think of those that fell,
Wherever they are, wishing them well.
For my fallen are there too, on one last parade
One grass so green, in dappled shade.


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