The Fallen

by | Nov 18, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The Fallen
300 the score
Sadly for us there will only be more

For that is the number of our dead troops
Who have fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan?
Fighting a war that can never be won
Especially by using bullets and guns
If OP Banner wasn’t a lesson
Then nothing has been learnt

I watched a programme dedicated to those who have died
Of Mothers and Brothers and Wives
So many people their grief they could not hide
A heart broken and a national divide

Such pride in their eyes
But their hurt they could not hide
For them they will meet their loved ones on the other side

To fight a just war
A nation will stand against the foe
They will not say we cannot go

To fight an unjust war
A nation will not ignore
As the numbers mount
We must never loose count

So what is the solution?
To these new wars
Soldiers fight
It’s what they are trained for
But these ones are un-winnable wars


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