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Mother, Father, new born son
Happy family now begun
Baby boy soon starts to walk
Learning fast, begins to talk
Mother, Father, new found joy
A sister for their little boy
Mother, Father, sister, brother
Now no room for any other
Loving family, growing fast
Happiness designed to last
High days, school days, come and go
What future for them? Who can know?
Mother, Father, now just girl
Parents’ thoughts all in a whirl
Grown up son is now a man
Signs for the Army – Afghanistan
Sending shockwaves through their heart
Knowing he must play his part
Mother, Father, sister know
Duty calls for him to go
To a far-off foreign land
Guided by The Good Lord’s hand
Anxious Father, anxious mother
Anxious sister, frightened brother
Praying he’ll be safe and sound
‘Till at last he’s homeward bound
Wild celebrations now begun
For Father, Mother, sister. son


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