The far side of the Room

by | Mar 31, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

I sit in gloom
On the far side of the room
Happy in the dusk light
Away from all things happy and bright

I sit in the dark side of the room
Contemplating my inevitable doom
Silent and sullen I sure appear to be
While troubling visions and thoughts plague me

In the corner I am happy to be
Far from prying eyes you see
Where I cannot be scrutinised as easy as you
People aware of me and my problems are few

Every now and then I have to enter the light
To make a brew or photocopy before taking flight
Of the weather I am not aware you see
With no windows or a door its all grey to me

Some feel I should have more light
But sitting in the dark corner feels just right
I am happy to sit on the far side of the room
Lost in memories alone in the gloom


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