The fields now are green again

by | Feb 20, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

The fields now are green again
where once they ran with blood.
Trees are sheltering the spot
where once our brave lads stood.

Just close your eyes and picture this
the mud, the noise, the wire,
the terror of those teenaged boys
As someone shouted ‘FIRE’

The smell, the smoke, the screaming shells
the confusion and the fear,
fleeting thoughts of home that came
as they shed a silent tear.

Shoulder to shoulder they faced the foe
Never wavering in their fight
Men and boys laid down their lives
For the sake of God and right

They came from every walk of life
The rich man and the poor
They fought together and they died
To make our world secure

Let us now all pray for peace
Where war is banished from the Earth
We thank the Lord for our brave dead
And prove we know their worth.

The fields now are green again
And poppies bloom with pride
Trees are sheltering the spot,
Where ghosts march side by side.


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