The final dream

by | May 26, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Something woke me from my sleep
A footstep on the floor ?
A feeling someone called me
A whisper from the door ?

My wife she lies beside me
Her sleep I can’t disturb
What caused me to snap wide awake ?
I’m feeling so perturbed

The dim glow from the streetlamp
Leaks through the slatted blind
Not normal static shadows
But of the moving kind

I feel a presence in the room
Besides my wife and I
A pressure pushing down on me
Like from a darkened sky

Is that a tapping on the door ?
The breeze it calls my name
‘ Please go away, leave me alone
I will not play your game ‘

I do not want to go tonight
Without a last goodbye
It isn’t fair upon my wife
In sleep she gives a sigh

I cant just up and go like this
To leave without a word
No chance to say ‘ I love you ‘
This really is absurd

A silent scream escapes my lips
My mouth begins to mime
‘ Just give me five more minutes,
Not now, it’s not my time

I drift toward the ceiling
My plea it goes unheard
Looking down upon my wife
I’ll have no final word

She sleeps below so peacefully
Oblivious to my plight
The Angels coming for me
To take me in the night

I sink down slowly to her
And give her one last kiss
A smile appears, though deep asleep
My wife I’m going to miss

But time it waits for no man
My mission here is done
She’ll journey on another day
Together joined as one

I know my wife will miss me
I know that she will cry
But she’ll see me every cloudless night
Her star up in the sky

I’ll watch her in her earthly life
Protect her when I can
Walk always with my Soul-Mate
Her Guardian Angel man

On rising in the morning
You’ll find my shell is cold
You’ll grieve for me my sweetheart
Then join me when you’re old

I’ll be there waiting for you
To guide you on your way
To start your final journey
Towards our ‘ Milky Way ‘

I’ll wait for you forever
Until your time is near
I promise that I’ll come for you
And whisper in your ear

‘ I love you ! ‘


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