The Firefighter

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Poetry | 0 comments

I’m staring blankly
Frankly I’m broken
My heart can’t be mended
Befriended or woken
An emptiness consumes me
In sorrow I’m soaked
My words can’t be heard
As I’m strangled and choked
As tears stripe each cheek
With a trail of sadness.
My soul is stained black
With the screams. With the madness
The pain of such tragedy
The waste of such life
The death of a husband, his children,his wife
The stairs were to many
My breaths were to few
My body exhausted. Now mentally too.
The silence of death. My smoke stained hair
A hole in my soul that will never repair
The feeling of failure and pride that combine
To leave me confused and abused my mind
My lips wet with tears. I am lost. There’s no plan
Emotionally ruined.1 broken man.


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