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You see me now all tattered and torn
But I was serving our country before you were born

Along with the soldier, who cherished me
We had been constant companions, over land and sea

Once I covered our brave men as we lay them to rest
They were broken in body, but they had stood the test

They had built the “Bloody Railway”, but the price was too high
All I could do was look on and cry

So harshly they were treated, by an enemy so cruel
Who seemed to be soulless, they were determined to rule

I saw good men being tortured and killed
I saw their sweat and their blood being spilled

I heard them cry and I heard them pray
As they slaved by night and by day

For every sleeper that was laid on the track
A body was covered by me – “Their Union Jack”

I tried to be gentle, I covered them with pride
For I knew that God was on their side

I whispered, “your job is finished, my son –
But one day justice will be seen to be done”

So I saluted the man, and cherished the boy
You see our British Spirit you cannot destroy

Then the day came, as we knew that it would
The enemy were defeated and on their pride we stood

I was then tied to a train, for everyone to see
Six hundred miles, our victorious journey was to be

We had won the War, the Red, White and Blue
But Always Remember, we did it for you!


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