The Fusilier

by | Jul 30, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

Raise you’re glasses and fire three cheers for the bonny brave lads of the Fusiliers
When wars in the offing and troubles afoot
They send the Geordies to sort them oot
So it’s up lad and at em and ower the top
Keep on advancin’ an divint stop
Pride lights up our Geordie faces at the battle hymn of the Blaydon races

For I’m their proud Captain and my heart starts to swell
For I know that my sergeant has trained my men well
I see all their faces not one have I missed
As I sit breaking my heart at the casualty list

I see my Dead Sergeant, My heart grips like a vice
They say victory is sweet, but not at this price

So next time you meet a brave Fusilier
Pay him respect and buy him a beer
For Geordie fought bravely and sold his life dear
If it weren’t for his courage,
You wouldn’t be here


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