The Girls Who Gave All

by | Nov 14, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Every year we remember the fallen
With a special day of prayer
For all the thousands of our young
Whose bodies lay heavens knows where

In many graves all over the world
Lost in far too many places
Some graves are even without a name
So no one can place their faces

So often we all are inclined to think
And I’ve been as guilty as you
That all of these were our young men
But there were many young girls too

Young women used to a feminine life
Gave up everything to nurse
They too shared the mud and blood
And understood the Devils curse

They drove the frightened horses
Pulling carts through mud and dead
Some were also killed and left
With war raging above their head

Many drove the ambulances
With guns and shell fire all around
They also manned the field hospitals
And were blown into the ground

So many girls who gave their all
In a uniform for our dear land
Pray they have a special place
Close to our Lord God’s right hand

Times are very different now
Our girls can also go and fight
Equally trained to serve the crown
They’ve proved worthy of the right

Spare a minute for those in the past
Who had no training for the war
They were taught to save all lives
Too many walked though Heavens door

To all the girls who should have been wives
You had hopes and dreams too
You were young and gave so much
We say a grateful prayer for you


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