The Goose Fair

by | Oct 3, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

First thursday in October
A time we know so well
When the Lord Mayor rings out
His famous Goose Fair bell

The happy crowd that’s gathered
Will surge towards the rides
Mums and dads and aunties
With children by their sides

The dodgems and the waltzers
Are still the youngsters’ “fave”
To venture on the big wheel
You really must be brave

Rocket ships and orbiters
Will please the older ones
But younger kids will still like
The horses or the swans

If you’re feeling hungry
There’s mushy peas or chips
Or wispy tufts of candy floss
That seems to seal your lips

Every kind of side show
To suit your every whim
And myriads of light bulbs
That light up when it’s dim

A-top the towering big wheel
You’ll marvel at the lights
Over tops of trees you glimpse
Familiar City sights

As the night progresses
The children start to tire
But hold on to their prizes
Balloons on bits of wire

This mother of all fun fairs
Gives joy to young and old
Crowds will go home happy
Not minding rain or cold

So roll on this October
And Nottingham’s Goose Fair
It’s bound to be a good one
Perhaps I’ll see you there


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