The Great Irish Bank Robbery

by | Mar 16, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Paddy O’Flynn and his sidekick called Dunne
Decided to rob the bank with a gun
But sorry to say their planning would fail
And end with these buckos lounging in jail

The day that they walked in through the bank door
And told all the people to lay on the floor
Was an open day for the brave local Garda
Which made their task a little bit harder

They both left the bank in a great deal of haste
Deciding on flight as a preference to waste
The Garda then followed them onto the street
But fright had given them wings on their feet

Down the back alleys and over the walls
Desperately running and ignoring the calls
Of Garda and public annoyed at their plan
To steal the cash of hardworking man

Before very long they were cornered at last
Their confidence gone–the die had been cast
When finally their eyes could see through the gloom
There was something familiar about this dark room

The door they’d run into led into the cellar
Of a pub they both knew–the Hearty Goodfella
Resigned to their fate of life in a jail
They started to sup from a stainless steel pail

The stand-off was long the lads drank their fill
So drunk they put cash in an old rusty till
The report from the Garda was said to declare
They’d never arrested a happier pair

Their raid on the bank was not a success
In fact you could say it was all just a mess
The firearm they carried was just a toy gun
A total disaster for Paddy and Dunne


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