The Greatest Power

by | Apr 21, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

When fear is taking over
And emotions running high
Take a breath and pause a while
Before you start to cry

Take a step outside the box
There is no need to fear
Close your eyes and suddenly
All will soon come clear

For there before you stands an Angel
Protecting you right now
Just ask and they will comfort you
As only they know how

Let this Angel fill your soul
With pure Angelic love
Know that it is brought to you
From the heavens up above

They say that love is the greatest power
Well, I’m glad to say… it’s TRUE
So always fill your world with love
Then fear cannot get through

So if fear knocks at your door again
Let love answer for a change
And when you find there’s no one there
It will no longer feel so strange!

Fear knocked at the door. Love answered it, and there was no one there


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