The guns fell silent

by | Sep 5, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The guns fell silent
No more death from above
The final shot has been fired
The guns roar no more

I look upto the sky
Dare I ask why?
Why has so many been taken
I hope that their lost lives will not be forsaken

I feel the sun on my face
I close my eyes tight
The suns warmth envelopes me
Can we finally be free?
Free from the slaughter and pain

I look at the tear stained faces
And hear the shouts of joy
Is it finally over can we go home
To see our loved one’s

I can only hope that lessons have been learnt
For so many lives that were spent
Cut short in their prime
Taken way before their time

I sit still and I listen
To the silence of the guns


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