The Gurkhas Betrayed

by | Apr 26, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

We fought and we fell
for your country
over two hundred years
we have served

and through
all the wars
and the battles
our loyalty
never has swerved.

We fought and we died
for your country
never questioned the cost

times five thousand comrades
times five thousand lost.

The bugles called out
at their gravesides
to show that you honoured
them all

that you valued the service
they gave you
those brothers who heeded
your call.

Over six thousand medals
you gave them
for the courage
they brought to your cause

hundred thousand
brave soldiers
who fought by your side
in your wars.
Yes Bugles
spoke out at their gravesides
The flags they dipped in salute

If they
how you valued their honour
their voices each one would be mute.

though we have
died for your country
it’s a place without
welcome to give

by your rules we are caught
our service too short

to a land
where you won’t
let us live.

Yes it seems that the service we gave you
was different in kind and degree
from our comrades the commonwealth soldiers
whose entry you each guarantee.

You’re besmirching
your name
and your honour
with rules that
are petty and small

disdaining the name of the Gurkhas
the fighters who answered your call.

Honour the name of the Gurkhas
all those who fought and who died

welcome the soldiers who served you
whose duty was given with pride.


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