The Harvest

by | Nov 28, 2016 | Poetry | 0 comments

The year will pass from Season to Season
Each with it’s own particular trait
Sometimes weather unwelcomed
And another type we appreciate
As we pass through the country lanes
Strolling along carefree
Looking for signs of Nature’s wonders
Accepted readily
Not long ago we passed this way
New life was there to be seen
Field upon field the crops were shooting
Where once the dull ploughed earth had been
But each time we visit there is something anew
In the hedgerows maybe or on the ground
Trees now showing blossom in fullness
Summer beauty in evidence all around
The warmth has encouraged growth of the crops
The grain crops nearly 3 feet high
Turning quite quickly from Green to Gold
Meaning Harvest time is nearly nigh
And then we’ll hear the roar of the Tractors and Trailers
And the Combined Harvesters too
Everyone busy from morning till dusk
To carry this important task through
From seed the crop has grown to what it is now
Like a Sea of Golden waves as far as we can see
Splendid yields of Oats , Wheat & Barley
All to feed the likes of both you and me .


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