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From North and East, from South and West,
I’ve made my way back home,
And many were the sights I saw
When I was want to roam,
But there’s one sight I’ll not forget
So long as thoughts remain,
It’s a hogsback called “The Wrekin”
Standing proud on Shropshire’s plain.
This well loved Salop feature –
Why, it’s visible for miles
And for Salopians coming home again,
It’s the source of many smiles.
“To all friends ’round the Wrekin!”
Rings the toast of Shropshire folk.
Whilst stands the dear old Wrekin,
They’ll not suffer a tyrant’s yoke.
No matter where they wander,
O’er land, or air, or foam,
The Wrekin fills a heart with joy
When lad or lass comes home.


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