The Homecoming

by | Apr 22, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

There, within a soldier’s grave
he was with all-due honour laid.
Though lesser men some may admire
the example of the few inspire.
No stranger to renown and fame
on the High Road home his spirit came.
Without those haughty airs and graces
where all are neatly ranked and graded-
Where the measure of a man’s true worth
is by his circumstance of birth…
Though others followed by land or sea
none ever would your equal be.
Though not a man to lightly cross
his death has proved a heavy loss.
Those were their words of praise, not mine
to chase a line or two of rhyme.
A valued and a much-loved friend
they stood by you until the end.
When speaking of things they’ve never seen
How hollow words of poets may seem…


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