The Hunters Stars

by | Jan 6, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Every time I look at a cloudless night sky,
A group of stars always catch my eye,
Everyone knows that constellation well,
And it even shines over the gates of hell.

When I was there feeling quite alone,
I knew those stars also shone over my home,
And as I stand there admiring the view,
Wondering if you were doing it too.

But during that moment of contemplation,
There was a wild booming exclamation,
And once again we dived to the ground,
On hearing that awful sound.

Explosion after explosion detonate on the camp,
Electricity goes, someone turn on his lamp,
The rockets stop, my armor’s still under my desk,
And I go and put it on to do my post attack check,

As I depart into the desert night,
I am greeted with a dreadful sight,
Smoke billowing from a large crater,
Few wounded or time delays for later.

Now back home, every time I see those stars,
Reminds me of the places that have left scars,
O’ Hunter wherever you may shine,
Look after those brothers and sisters of mine.


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