The inhumanity of man

by | May 22, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The inhumanity of man over the centuries
Really got out of hand
As they tried to wipe out
Other men from the land

We have only to look at history
To see this story unfold
Of countless cruelty
So bad it has to be told

For this is nothing new
The cruelty for which men do
From crusades to raids
To ghetto’s and enclaves
Man tries to make other men their slaves

The insecurity of a few can raise so many too
As the they try to hide
Behind national pride

If history is a lesson
Then let us learn
That the killing of all
Will make great nations fall

And if we are to learn
To be equals amongst men
Then tolerance and understanding
Are the order of the day

For the murders of others
Is by no means the way
I hope you will listen
And follow a way
Where we all live in peace
No matter how we pray


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