The Irish Saga

by | Jun 24, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

The Irish aren’t as stupid
As we make them out to be
They’ve put a lot of water
Between the kid’s and you and me.

They think we enjoy being here
Away from kith and kin
With sleepless nights out on the streets
Watching them lot make a din

There’s no work for our men folk
There’s nothing for us to do
We burnt the last bus out last night
Just what are we to do?

The IRA are like vultures
They hide behind fear and hate
The innocent never find out
Till its all too bloomin late

It’s only a small minority
Who just cannot see any sense?
And they moan and they groan and grumble
Because we put them behind a fence

Thank god it’s just for four months
It’s not long I know it’s true
Oh I wish these people would live a life
Like other people do.


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