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Every journey that we make ca be divided into three,
The first part being when set out with hope and anticipation,
The second part is our continued progress on the way,
The third part is when we reach our destination.

The first step we take on our journey is important,
For this indicates the direction that we will take,
Unless that step is down a road with a future,
We can be sure that we have made a terrible mistake.

Before we set off we should know our destination,
And we must carefully plan our routes to get us there,
It’s a good idea to take advice from those who have gone before,
Their experience is something of which we should be aware.

Progress on the road will not always be easy,
Many obstacles and distractions will face us from the start,
If we are prepared and resolute these will be conquered,
But will require a very special effort on our part.

For some of us the progress might be slow,
And from the time to time others will pass us on the way,
But this should not be a disappointment,
If we continue in the right direction we shall get there one day.

Then we shall all have reached the end of the road we travel,
This will be the third stage of the journey we undertake,
Lets hope our feet are pointed in the right direction,
Then the object of our travel will not be a mistake.

When all our hopes and aspirations have been achieved,
Hopefully we will all arrive at the eternal city,
The end of our journey will have been reached,
And we shall have achieved a future life in eternity.


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