The joys of Motherhood

by | Aug 28, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

From the moment of conception
The miracles of life begin
Forming inside a custom made shell
Your baby grows within

So now nine months of pregnancy
For you have just begun
Morning sickness, toilet trips
And that’s just half the fun!

There’ll be ante natal clinics
Doctor’s visits too
Plus a whole shed load of other tests
For you to look forward to

You may get weird cravings
Strange things you’ll need to munch
Lumps of coal, or maybe soil
With salad, served for lunch

Scan time next, you’re on your way
Bladder full to bursting
You see before you on the screen
A very special thing

You’ll see the tiny heart beat
The fingers and the toes
The arms and legs, spine and head
And a tiny button nose

Then your bump begins to grow
You cannot see your feet
You’ll see people look and smile at you
As you waddle down the street

Some women seem to blossom
Others have lots of pain
But each pregnancy is truly unique
There are never two the same

Before you know its happening
You get a little show
This is your baby’s way of saying
I’m ready to say “Hello”!

Contractions have now started
Your body’s full of sweat
You want to push with all your might
But hold on girl not yet!

Then at last the birth is over
As you cuddle your girl or boy
And all the pain just melts away
Thanks to that little bundle of joy

So the joys of motherhood begin
These days are just the best
‘Cause you helped god create a new life
You really have been blessed.


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