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He shuffled along the dusty road
As though he were late for school
His lip trembled slightly, he seemed close to tears
Had he been found out breaking the rules?

He looked very worried, as onward he went,
His eyes shifted left, and then right
Was he late? Well he could have been; not done his homework?
Or was he geared up for a fight?

There are so many things that worry a child,
That seem silly to me and to you;
Maybe threats from a bully had troubled his mind.
Or maybe a maths test was due

Was there trouble at home that worried him so?
Did his Father have words with his Mum?
Did he not have the latest electronic game?
What the hell could have made him so glum?

There were no trendy trainers upon his feet,
But that wasn’t a motive for tears;
He had very good reason for looking that way
One that’s dogged us for years, and for years

I was choked with emotion, as I saw him go
Down the road, on that very hot day
For that kid lacked much more than “Gameboys” and such,
Nevermore would he giggle or play

Nothing trivial worried that poor little soul
Like the lack of a game, or smart shoes;
For he was the kid from Kigali
And this was the Nine O’clock News

As he shuffled along, with no-one at his side
His despair made me fight for breath
He was running from horrors, of who knows what kind
And heading for probable death


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