The Lane

by | Oct 13, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

See the sun silvered sweep of immature wheat
Encircling that insignificant lane, which once secreted
A host of exhausted eyes, and bestowed such gracious seconds
Of succour to the stupefied minds of they who trembled
In petrified prayer, then sacrificed youth above the lanes salvation.

Grieve the flint flecked chalk caulked soil blessed with the flesh
Of countless comrades, savaged to destruction under Amatols
Indiscrimination, blasted, brutalised, blood anointing each
Agonising acre of pulverised fertility.

Lament the light of the sacrificed souls illuminating
Each mound and hollow, bright like iridescent starshells,
Damning the hideous creation by lunatic leaders
Of fields abominated by regardless revenge.

Mourn the shadows of murderous movement there above
The lanes respite, where scythes of screaming shellfire
Slashed the lines to staggering chaos, the writhing frenzied
Fallen, flailing in final piteous panic,before the immolation
Of a guileless generations,faith,ideals, and aspirations.

Remember the wanton wasteful futility, the fatuous worthless
Vain-glorious stupidity, the execrable exploitation of expediency,
The incontestable incompetence and pompous presumption
Of inherited piety.


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