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If you have been deployed on an operational tour there’s a duty you have to do before you go that turns your mood sour. For every time you have to do one it gets no better it’s your last words, the last letter
If your reading this it means I’m no longer on this earth, popped ma clogs, shuffled off my mortal coil or quite simply took my last breath. I’m sorry you have to read this thing but at least for a change I get the last word in.
This is my chance to put to words how I feel everything I say is from the heart and very real, thanks for being there throughout our army life my gorgeous loving wife, you and the kids were the ones who kept me sane you are the ones who gave me the desire to come home again and again.
Tell mum and dad not to be sad we all have our time to go and tell them I will keep them a good spot up here just so they know. My wills in place obviously you and the kids get the lot and I know what you’re thinking without me there it’s not worth a jot
By now you will have everyone at the door and in the coming days there will be even more. I’m not going to tell you to be brave there are no tears for you to save.
Just need to let you know I love you all more than these words can ever show and always know that when we go away and strap on the body armour and our Kevlar lids we are focused on what we do but we will always carry the love from our loved ones and kids.
Now that’s the soppy stuffy done and over its time for the wishes that you need to read over. When it comes to lay me down to rest the mourners must come in fancy dress, wear your wigs make up and crowns but please please I don’t want any to dress up as clowns I may have taken my last breath but those bloody clowns scare me to death
Bye Bye


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