The Last Letter

by | Aug 31, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

I am writing you this letter, the one that I hope you never receive.
The one that I didn’t want to write, the one I wanted to leave.

The last letter is a letter they recommend that you write,
it’s a letter for you my loved ones, because I never returned on the flight.

But I have to tell you that I love you, and that I always will,
please don’t put your life on hold, on the days you just can’t fill.

Tell our little daughter, that I will still blow her kisses every night,
and if I can ever contact her, I will try not to give her a fright.

All these years of happiness and love that we have had,
you will always be my darling wife, and Megan, I will always be your dad.

I’m sorry that I insisted, coming out here to Afghanistan,
but I couldn’t bare being left behind, and not being the soldier that I am.

Yes my life has ended, and your new life has begun,
without you I’m nothing, like an iceberg in the desert sun.

When they return my coffin, please don’t look inside;
remember me from your memories, of when I was alive.

I will cherish all my thoughts of you, and keep them close to my heart,
even though I’m nothing now, our spirits will never part.

I will contact you somehow, no matter what it takes,
this letter is so difficult, and my heart has begun to break.

I’m sorry that I left you, and we won’t see each other again,
the tears are flowing down my cheeks, yours forever Sten.


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