The Last to Die

by | Nov 24, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Traffic, people, this constant air
Of human chaos everywhere
The filth and smoke that fill this town
No wonder then, its people frown

The buildings black and broken mask
A long and brutal, deadly past
The scars of conflict everywhere
A tragedy all people share

The rubbish brings disease and yet
The children scavenge, what will they get
The rain it falls to wash away
But brings another desperate day

The UN here with help for some
From round the world its people come
They fill the streets in vehicles white
But curfew holds throughout the night

The children are the future way
To school for those of who can pay
In clean white shirt they shine so bright
Amongst this darkness there is light

The world will say in future year
That people should not live in fear
A better life for all is why
That hope must be the last to die


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