The Leaves of Autumn

by | Nov 1, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

The morning Sun is rising now
Another day to start
Yet another Summer is leaving soon
And those halcyon days will depart
So too the fragrance of Flowers in bloom
And trees and shrubs an abundance of Green
Giving way to the changing Seasons
And a welcome to the Autumn scene
Leaves are now beginning to fall
Blossoms have bloomed now fade and die
The Sun is seen less frequently now
Often shrouded by clouds in the sky
Then as you walk along in the countryside
The trees are changing from green to Gold
Or varying shades of Russet, Tan or Red
A wondrous sight to behold
With a cooling breeze to aid their fall
Myriads of leaves form a carpet on the ground
Natures cloak of many variegated colours
At the foot of the trees will be found
Now is the task of the gardener
Which Flowers and plants shall he save
For some seem to cope with the Winter quite well
Mother Nature’s taught them how to behave
But for others they have to be raised and stored
To be planted again next Spring
Protected from ravages of wet and cold
So that in Summer their praises we’ll sing
It’s time to prune shrubs and trees now
Trim the lawn and cut back the hedges too
And use the Secateurs on the Roses
To encourage new growth to show through
It’s also time to dig over the flower beds
Let them lie in the Winter fallow
Covered by a layer of shredded bark
After planting some Tulips and Daffodils shallow
Remove all the plants from the Greenhouse
After turning the soil just once more
Perhaps treat the inside with Jeyes fluid
To rid of garden pests for sure
Then it’s away to the shed
For the Mower Fork and Spade
The Shears Hoe and the Tine rake too
Then retire indoors until next Spring
When there’ll be plenty of chores once again to do


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