The Life Man

by | Mar 21, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

As my Service Life comes to a close
It brings forth a couple of tears
Where have they suddenly vanished
Those days in 22 years
I remember well the day I joined
The Service of my choice
The forbidding sight of the Guardroom
The volume of the Sergeant’s voice
We were taken in hand by our Guardian
To instruct us on Service Life
Of the way to properly make our bed
Then lay out Kit, fork, spoon and knife
To don for the first time the Uniform
Be it Khaki or two shades of blue
To wear it with pride was the main thing
It didn’t matter what the hue
To eat with the lads in the Mess Room
Or NAAFI for Tea and a “wad”
To hear someone shout “are you buying mine”
And answer “get your own you tight s!!d ”
The Instructors were strict, but taught you a trade
Your welfare always on their mind
Even took care of slow learners. extra classes
Making sure they were not left behind
The Tests are all finished and Tradesman are we
Ready to fight the good fight
Always hoping, to kill we’d not have to
But knowing sometime that we might
Be called to Active Engagement
To fight for a worthy cause
And know that if the battle you won
There’d be no room for applause
For in War it is inevitable, we all know
The ultimate price that some pay
To lay down their life for their Country
To improve life for others some way
But then there were times we remember
Like when we were out on the Town
Having a few “bevvies “ at the “Local”
And trying our worries to drown
Ever alert for “Redcaps” or “Snowdrops”
Always on the look out for trouble
Knowing that if they catch you, adrift
It’s up to the C.O “at the double”
“fizzers” & “jankers” were par for the course
Once you’d heard the C.O’s sentence
Then you vowed that ”never again” ,would kick in
And at least a week of repentance
Tho’ then there were the serious times
Of battles won and lost
In the heat of battle you hadn’t time
To stop and count the cost
But now as you stare at the Medals you’ve won
And know that you’ll wear them with pride
To be able to stand in Silent Tribute
In Honour of the Lads & Lasses that died
For the time has now come, to walk slowly away
As the Barrack gates close behind
With the knowledge that a Life of Service, to the Queen
Is Eternally locked in Your Mind


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