The Life Of A Part Time Soldier

by | Aug 25, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

The structuring timetable of 9-5 of civvie life the norm,
Sharing a room with fellow troops, laughter in the dorm,
Training, stagging and sleepness nights,
Bangs and explosions to bring on the frights,
Back home in bed, wife sleeping close by,
Safe and sound I let out a sigh,
Fighting a war with purpose and pride,
Civvie life I just take in my stride,
Called in for meetings and presentations,
Out on the field full of pure determination,
Doing my bit for the world that I know,
6 months away, will it go slow?
Family at home waiting for me,
To get back to them safely,
When all this is done and medals received,
I know in my heart that I will have achieved,
Even if a small part to play,
6 months of my life is all I had to pay.


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