The Little Green Man

by | Feb 25, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

I was happily walking my dog in the park
When a little green man passed me by
He too was walking his pet on a lead
And I couldn’t help wondering why
The dog that he had was sporting six legs
With two tails that wagged to and fro
It’s swivelling eyes looked two ways at once
So of course I wanted to know
“What make of dog is your pet?” I asked him
And the little green man looked agog
“It’s a snapper bullsatian” was his reply
“And it comes from a planet called Zog”
I realised then that something was wrong
For they boarded a saucer close by
A whirring and buzzing of engines began
Then it disappeared straight to the sky
When I got home and related the tale
My wife just laughed in my face
Said she “I’m hiding your whisky my love”
“It’ll be in a very safe place!”


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