The Long Awaited Night

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Tears fell down her cheeks, caressing her face
as she read the old letters outlined in lace.
Edges are yellow from years gone by,
as the letters she wrote always made her cry.

These letters are some that could never be sent,
for they were written for her marine husband Kent.
He’d gone away to war so long ago,
how long would he be gone – she didn’t know.

A prisoner of war, he’d ended up to be,
and her husband, she knew, she would never again see.
Ten years had passed since that awful news,
but to give up on him, she would always refuse.

Alone in her bed she hugged his pillow,
and thought of him, her knight, her hero.
Her dreams are of times so distant and far,
Kent had always been, and will be her star.

Awakened from her sleep by a rap on the door,
she sleepily rose and was chilled to the core.
Rubbing her shoulders, she warmed herself
then picked up the hair pin that lay on the shelf.

With hairpin in place, she decided to walk
to the front door to see who wanted to talk..
When she opened the door, she gasped in surprise,
and a single tear fell from each of her eyes.

For the man before her was much older now,
but to her, he still looked younger somehow.
He said no words, but leaned on his crutch,
and reached for the woman he loved so much.

They found peace in their embrace, and were now complete,
these two that were separated; and time couldn’t defeat.
Instead of the pillow to hug that night,
she hugged her hero, her long awaited knight.


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