The Long Day

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World War 2 had come to a climax
The time for retribution was nigh
With thousands of ships across the English Channel
And thousands of planes in the sky
This was to be a concerted effort
To end the horrendous German reign
Of Nazism with it’s killing and slaughter
Then bring peace to Europe once again
So now that the waiting was over
The South of England had Troops everywhere
With all the lanes full of Tanks and Lorries and Artillery
Hidden from observation from the air
The railway yards and docks , the ships and the barges
All with their deadly cargoes concealed
Personnel all sworn to silence
And to no-one was the destination revealed
The decision was made and the convoy left Harbour
Each ship was packed to the”gunnel’s”
With Troops and Vehicles and Armourments
In the rough seas poured heavy smoke from their funnels
And over head was a constant roar from the planes
As they droned under their heavy load
On their way to the distant objective
Where the deadly cargo they carried would explode
To pave the way for the seaborne attack
As this enormous Armada the Normandy coast neared
To face an indomitable resistance
Far worse than anyone had feared
Ships were lost and Landing craft too
So near to the target they sought
And the armour and the troops that they carried
For them their last battle was fought
But the battle continued and advances were made
With the German Army in a rapid retreat
For they never expected retaliation, in such great numbers
To bring about their eventual defeat
As we reflect on that day, Oh! so long ago
For some it is hard to believe
The cost in young lives to fight oppression
In order that Peace you may achieve
As you look in the eyes of the few survivors left
On the beaches where their mates all fell
You will still see the compassion and comradeship
That they shared on that D Day of hell
And now as the Last Post is sounded
They close their eyes and they silently pray
Hoping that the World will never forget
Those who laid down their lives on that day


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