The Major

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Life is a story waiting to happen
As page by page it yields
A perfect image of any subject
Which covers so many different fields
But this is the tale of a young lad
Who dreamed as teenagers may
What was his ultimate goal in life
Which Career would he choose at the end of the day
Be a Surgeon , a Doctor or Deliver the mail
Learn to be a pilot or drive a train
The decision I’ll try to explain
But his mind he made up and the option he chose
As already an Army Cadet was he
That he would be become a Soldier
And spend his life with the Military
As a raw recruit he found the going hard
But his ambition was always to succeed
So he settled into his Army Career
And sailed through his training with speed
Then it was time to become a Tradesman
And he covered that very well indeed
With the choice of Infantry, Signals or Artillery or Transport
Perhaps he may have chosen Tanks
And with achievement ever present in his mind
Rose successfully through the Ranks
For here was a man who wore his uniform with pride
In the Service of the Country, The Flag and the Queen
Ever aware of the welfare of his colleagues
Making sure they all worked as a team
For when you are part of a Military Unit
Whether the role is to attack or defend
Discipline and dedication is of paramount importance
On which everyone’s life may depend
His Hobbies included Ski-ing and Golfing
And loved friendships with Ladies too
An Artist with a talent for sketching scenes and people
A wealth of activities for him to do
But back once more to the Military man
Who with hard work quick promotion came his way
He rose to the rank of Major, with a motto
“ Carpe Diem” which for him meant “ Seize the day”
Standing tall and proud in his Uniform
Sporting Medals upon his chest
With “silvery” hair and a cheeky smile
The Army life is what suited him best
He’s served in many parts of the World
And the horrors of various theatres of War
Also witnessed the smiles and admiration of the victims
Enjoying the Peace he’d been fighting for
Peacekeeping is never an easy task
None of these things are attained without cost
And the Major knows this only too well
Through the friends and colleagues he’s lost
And now as this story is coming to a conclusion
The relevant points I’ve been asked to disclose
About a proud and compassionate Soldier
From a cadet to Major he rose
As he marches along with a Military stride
His task the less fortunate to defend
I for one would be pleased to shake his hand
As I bring his story to an end.


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