The Man I Once Was

by | Mar 27, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

I once had a life, an exististence, just like you
A woman whose love for me was strong and true
Children of mine who brought innocence to my life
A whole family unit with myself and my wife.

I used to exist where life was a joy
In a life filled with children, two girls and a boy
I went to the match on Saturday afternoons
My son by my side wearing a scarf singing teams tunes

But I can’t keep my past apart from the now
All of the memories can swamp me and how
The sights of a soldier I have seen myself
The traumatic effects on my mental health

So I lost all I had my wife, my kids and my wealth
She took them to safety and protecting herself
She couldn’t understand the drinking to excess
The tears and the fears a man becoming less

I now walk the streets it’s where I keep my bed
Through the day I beg and at night rest my head
The people don’t see me they ignore what I say
I have walked these streets forever and a day

No one can see the proud soldier I once was
They don’t see me fighting for our countries cause
For now I am just a beggar a man with no pride
But I don’t want to be a nuisance so I’ll commit suicide


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