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One Monday, in the market place
The sun beat on the ground
The tourists stopped, to sit and chat
The dog just hung around

The tourists laughed, and ate and drank
In good and jovial mood
They had their fill of everything
The dog just wanted food

They showed their trophies to each other –
Statues, belts, and soap
They wanted some mementoes
The dog just wanted hope

“Aunt Mary will adore this!
It will be a great surprise.”
“And Bill will love these sandals!”
The dog rolled up his eyes

“It’s really hot – can’t finish this,
It’s wasteful, but we’ve paid;
Just leave it on the table…”
The dog looked so dismayed

They strolled away, oblivious
To kindness they’d denied
And there, unnoticed in the street,
The dog lay down, and died


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